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Baby and post-natal health

Antenatal and Postnatal support

sessions are FREE!!Are you pregnant and want advice? You can contact a midwife directly at your local midwife unit at Ashford Hospital on 01784 884181.

Have you had your baby? Health Visitors provide an advice line on 01784 883700 to offer advice and support on a wide range of issues for children 0-5 years. Please leave a message if your call is not answered and they will call you back.
Alternatively, you can visit the Well-baby clinic at the Children’s Centre (Mondays, 10-11.30am). More details:

Well Baby Clinic

Come to our Well Baby Clinic to have your baby weighed and to discuss any questions you may have with a health visitor or community nursery nurse. If your baby is unwell contact your Health Visitor on 01784 883700, GP or NHS Direct on 111.

Well Baby Clinic – January 2016

Midwife Clinic

The centre hosts a local midwife run clinic for post-natal check-ups.
By appointment only. If you want to speak to your midwife call the Topaz Team on 01784 884181.

Solid Foods Workshops

Child face on blondeOur Solid Foods Workshops cover topics such as when to start weaning, purees and baby-led weaning, and which foods to avoid.


Breastfeeding gives your baby all the nutrients he or she needs for the first six months of life and beyond. It helps to protect your baby from infection and other diseases and, as a mum, it helps to reduce your chances of illness later in life. Breastfeeding also helps you and your baby to get closer physically and emotionally – helping the bond between you to grow stronger.

Breast Feeding Support

Come and join our weekly breast feeding support group for expectant and breastfeeding mums in a warm and happy place! Professional help and support available every week during term-times. For more info

Breast Feeding Support – January 2016

mother and child


Tips for Toddlers

Parenting advice and information for parents and carers of 0-3 year olds. Sessions will cover topics such as potty training, communication and dummies, healthy eating, oral hygiene, bottles and sleep.

Tips for Toddlers – January 2016

Parenting Puzzle

free CrècheThe popular Parenting Puzzle programme helps to build on existing parenting skills to increase confidence. It offers practical ways of guiding children so that you can learn how to manage their behaviour and cope better with their emotions.
Free crèche available.
Ask for details of our next course.

Healthy lifestyles


free CrècheLearn how to make a healthy meal on a budget, discuss food groups and portion sizes and discover how to prepare simple, economical and nutritious meals. Free crèche available. Ask for details of our next course

Every Mum Active

A low impact, highly effective outdoor fitness class for pre and post-natal mums in the park. You are welcome to join after your GP sign off (at 6 weeks following a natural birth and 12 weeks for a C-section) and participate as long as your child is happy to remain in their buggy throughout the session. Meet at the Children’s Centre (term-time only). For more info

Every Mum Active – January 2016

Illness and Accident Prevention

Accident prevention in and out of your home. Did you know that hot drinks can scald a baby up to 15 minutes after it is made? Or that wearing a cycle helmet can reduce the risk of serious head injuries by 85%. Or that babies can drown in as little as 5cm (2 inches) of water? To find out what you can do if your child has an accident call your local GP service, Health Visitor, or follow these links for advice about accident prevention and advice.

Parent Minor Illness Training

free CrècheThis course aims to develop parents’ ability to manage their child’s minor illness at home.
Find out what help is available in the community and understand when to seek emergency help.
Free crèche available.

Baby Massage

Learn the strokes of baby massage and the importance of nurturing touch for young babies. Next course starts 29 April, 2016, 2-3pm. Call to book a place. More info

Time Out

It’s good to talk! Gain inspiration from other’s experience. Feel more in control and less isolated and alone. Opportunities to give as well as receive. Chance to take time out and enjoy crafts and other activities and chat over tea and coffee. This is a time for adults so please make childcare arrangements where at all possible. We meet fortnightly on Tuesdays, 9-10.30am.

What's On this Week?

10-11.30am: Cosy Toes (0-18 months)
10-11.30am: Well Baby Clinic Bring your child’s red book
2-3.30pm: Active Play and Learn
9-12pm: Free Legal Advice Clinic (By Appointment)


9:30-11.30am: Childminders Group
9:30-11.00am: Active Play and Learn At Stanwell Rose Community Centre, Mulberry Avenue, Stanwell, TW19 7SF
11-11.45am: Music Matters (Term Time Only)
12.30-2.30pm: Adult Learning with Crèche 1-4pm Relate (By Appointment)
3-4pm: Family Fun


9am-2pm: Free Legal Advice Clinic (By Appointment)
9.30-11.30am: English with Crèche (Term Time Only)
12.30-1.30pm /1.30-3pm: ESOL with Crèche (Term Time Only)
1-4pm: Relate (By Appointment)
9.30-11.30am: Adult Learning with Crèche


10-11.30am: Active Play and Learn
10.00-11.00am: Every Mum Active (Term Time Only)
2-4pm: Midwives Clinic (By Appointment)

9.30-11.30am: Adult Learning with Crèche
2-3.30pm: Little Diamonds (1st and 3rd Friday of the month)
3-4pm: (Monthly) Tips for Toddlers

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