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The Children’s Centre has an Advisory Board consisting of other professionals working in the local area and with local families who are able to support, advise and challenge the manager of the centre so that they provide the support which is most appropriate for the needs of the families in the area. The Advisory Board meets termly to set, monitor and evaluate targets for the Centre.  We also welcome parents from the ‘Stanwell Parents Together’ group to attend the Advisory Board meetings to ensure that the views of parents are taken into account.

We also invite all parents and carers to have their say 2 weeks before each of the Local Advisory Board meetings with surveys asking questions about developments and improvements in the Centre. Our Local Advisory Board will meet on 18 March 2016, 12-2pm; 15 July 2016, 12-2pm and 25 November 2016, 12-2pm. All parents are welcome to attend we would love to see you there!


To see more information about the Advisory Board click on this link: [attach documents ‘Sure Start Stanwell Children’s Centre Terms of Reference’]

Stanwell Parents Together

We would like as many parents as possible to help us make sure the Centre is providing the right services at the right quality. We often ask parents to complete evaluation forms and we always welcome suggestions and comments.
We hold termly meetings with our  ‘Stanwell Parents Together’ group and members have been very involved in providing ideas to the Centre and help us to prepare surveys. Working with our Local Advisory Board, the group unanimously decided that “Stanwell Children’s Centre supports local families in the community, empowering them in a welcoming and friendly environment”.

We meet at Stanwell Children’s Centre on 16 February 2016, 2-3pm and 31 May 2016, 2-3pm. Come and join us! Please contact us if you want to find out more.

Surrey Care Trust Task Group

The Children’s Centre meets each month with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of Surrey Care Trust, and the Chief Executive who manage the Stanwell Children’s Centre. The meeting is also joined by other Trustees and Surrey’s  Family Supporting Manager and Children Centre Advisor. Members of the Task Group meet to challenge the work of the Children’s Centre Manager and the Centre’s performance. The Group also listens to parent views and, together with the Local Advisory Board and the Stanwell Parents Together group, consider plans for future developments and improvements to the Centre.

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